Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blue color for bedroom

Blue Color Bedroom
In this article, we will discuss about decorating and designing a bedroom with a small size. Problems may arise if there are many things you may consider important in these rooms. What to do with these items? Besides the issue of the number of items in these rooms, we also will discuss the color selection. Does color have an influence on energy and your health?

In everyday life, without realizing that color can affect our bodies. Can imagine if you live in a dark room that is black or dark brown, your body and mind must have been reluctant to linger stay in place. A simple example is to be one basis of this color therapy. If a certain color combinations can cause stress and depression of our minds so for sure there are other color combinations that cause our mind calm and relaxed.

Many practitioners and researchers based color therapy on the body's energy is focused on seven major points known as 'chakras'. Each chakra is correlated with organ systems and specific color. In this article, we specialize in the functions of the blue color .. The relationship between the chakras, organs and blue colors are:

Blue: associated with the throat chakra. The color blue is a calming color and is best used to overcome insomnia, gastritis, arthritis, lower back pain, sore throat, asthma and migraine. Complementary color is orange.

While the use of blue for relaxation :

Respiratory color: This technique is a form of visualization techniques. You can imagine the inhale and exhale a certain color. This technique you can do before sleep or when you wake up in the morning.

1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

2. Breathe deeply, regularly and slowly.

3. Imagine yourself surrounded by a certain color you want.

4. When you breathe, imagine your body breathe in this color and imagine the color spreads throughout your body.

5. When you exhale imagine the color of their partners (such as when you inhale then exhale the breath of blue color orange. The color is yellow with purple, green with dark purple).

In addition to the above techniques if possible you can also rearrange your room with the appropriate color. For example, you can start by changing the color of bed sheets and pillowcases in blue if you currently suffering from stress and tension.

Problem of combining the colors in the bedroom, you can combine the color blue as the dominant color, and added with the color orange. Orange you can use to color listplank, or create the element of line or shape (such as picture frames, fields where lay the mirror, etc.) inside the room, then in the field element you can also add jewelry wall with blue color elements, for example: a panoramic picture on the beach, or blue water, etc..

One thing that may need attention, do not be too much saving appliance / electronic goods (refrigerator, water heater / dispenser, toaster cake, etc.) room, because they will be electronic goods will result in temperature / temperature hot reply. Besides, if it is not too much store room, air circulation will be better, so the freshness of the rooms will be more awake.

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