Sunday, April 17, 2011

Create a romantic bedroom for the husband or his beloved wife

Romantic Bedroom
The bedroom is the most special place for everyone. Especially you who have been paired, the bedroom has become a very comfortable room privacy. But if this final feeling bored with your bedroom decor, it's time to do something different.

Paint bedroom with romantic colors

Although impressed simple, but the color of wall paint is one of the most important factor in giving the impression of a room. In accordance with a romantic theme, change the color of a room with wall paint colors that can represent it.

Romantic color as we know it usually is pink or pink, but if you want to paint with the color pink, not the entire room in the paint with that color. You do not want to trash the bedroom is not impressed? Combine with other colors such as beige, blue, green or even gold. Make a good color composition, though not impressed monotonous and boring. Gold color if composed with care can make a bedroom wall was more rich and valuable.

Take advantage of curtains to add a romantic feel

Besides functioning to cover the sunlight entering through windows, curtains also become important factors in decorating a bedroom. Color choices are in harmony with the color curtain wall or window frame color will show an impression of calm and comfort. To enhance the romantic, choose curtains with lace motif or other interest in accordance with the feel of a romantic as you want. Remember that in this respect creativity is also very important in every dekorasai done. Avoid using curtains with heavy fabric, replace with material that is softer and lighter, like satin.

Change the color of the sheets

Although impressed simple, but the color of the sheets is crucial to your mood and your partner when in bed. Replace sheets in colors that you feel is appropriate to symbolize your love and your partner. In selecting the appropriate sheets, start by imagining about things that are romantic, sexy, warm and comfortable on both of you. This usually gives a new fresh ideas that can be used as a reference. Spray perfume or fragrance is also a favorite to add to the atmosphere becomes more romantic.


Incomplete felt romanticism that you want to highlight without wax. Imagine if only you are both in the bedroom, lit by the dim candlelight, romantic is not it? Adding a candle in the bedroom can create dramatic and sensual impression. Diversity types, shapes and colors of candles on the market can pamper you in choosing suitable to the needs of your character or both.

If there is a saying, 'Flower', you can also do it with your room. Besides giving the impression of a romantic interest, also could give fresh impression in the room, besides of course can be a beautiful addition to decorating the bedroom.


As a complement to the decor, add other accessories, such as painting on the bedroom wall decorations or accessories that can remind the passion of love you both.


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