Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creating a beautiful bathroom and healthy

Nice Bathroom
In order to appear more attractive, a bathroom should be coupled with a variety of equipment that has been designed to meet the needs and tastes. Some of them are the fixtures bathroom attractive with colors that lure as a decorative element, as well as functional such as bathub, sink, closet, bidet, shower and supporting like a mirror, towel, collapsed care devices, ranging from soap, toothbrush, shampoo, and others. In building a bathroom, there are several factors to be considered.

1. Health Factors. To support these hygiene factors, insist that all materials, especially floors and walls must be watertight. Thus, automatic bathroom can easily be cleaned. Because the bathroom could easily result in an unpleasant smell, it would require adequate ventilation. Keep the sun's rays into the bathroom, because the sunlight there is bacteria that will quickly disappear.

2. Comfort factor. To support this factor, try using bright colors. If the bathroom using a dark color, dirt is not visible. This is what will make the bathroom situation is unhealthy and uncomfortable. To overcome this, needs to available sources of clean water and disposal of dirty water from the bathroom must be current.

3. Safety Factor. Cultivated either floor or tub of water using a material that is not slippery. All material is in the bathroom, must be qualified and sturdy, including the well installation. For example: installing a sink or even a mirror must be correct shelf and sturdy to be safe.

When these things mentioned above note, the bathroom will be designed, will be able to meet the needs, and supporting the appearance of your bathroom to be more convenient to use and attractive atmosphere with all the forms and attributes.

Maintain Cleanliness :

1. Clean bathroom floor scrubbing manner so as not moldy. After that add the solution perfume or disinfectant.

2. Make sure the wall tile and glass shower in the dry state. If it will not appear stains.

3. The seat and pit toilet should be cleaned every day. Likewise the drain.

4. If using immediately clean the steam water heater attached to the glass

Another problem that can be developed is that you want to use the bathroom tub of water with gayungnya, wearing a shower, or use the tub for a bath? You want the bathroom floor of a flat or terraced? If you have this problem, you can separate the shape or space in the bathroom. Available for wet areas and some are for dry areas.

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