Sunday, April 17, 2011

Enhance your home with wall decoration

Displays on the wall was not only beautify the room but also serves up the slack and highlight the advantages of a room. Not difficult to do so. All it takes only a little creativity. Both with views, photographs or a mirror on the wall display to turn on the atmosphere in the room according to what you want. Not only that, this wall decoration to give effect to the room appear larger, wide and high. If you still doubt see some of these tips:

Narrow room is a challenge to be able to set it properly. Limited land does not mean that creativity is also limited. If you want to make the room look longer, you can experiment with adding some horizontal lines across the middle of the wall. No need too much, just a few lines just to paint a pretty thick. The presence of these lines can help to reinforce the length of the room.

Alternatively, use a display wall with a picture that is dominated by horizontal lines. For example, images mountains, the beach, airy soil, and others. These images can give the illusion of length in a room. To overcome the narrow corner of the room, hang a large mirror on one wall. Shadow reflection of the mirror can give the illusion as if there is still another room behind the mirror. On the wall next to them, give it a darker color than the other wall. Add a display wall with a bright color images. Reflection in a mirror image can also give the room feel wider.

When the ceiling in the lower house, use a display wall with a rectangular frame vertically. Choose an image that also features elements of a vertical line.

For rooms that do not have too many windows or small windows siasatilah with views of gardens or the wide expanse of grass and beautiful as a wall decoration. Use a display that uses a trick of three-dimensional, with the way you seemed to look directly a park or other objects from inside the house. To fill the emptiness in the room is too broad, Display a small framed picture series neatly sorted.

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