Sunday, April 17, 2011

Selection of the right color for the room

If your house is small / tiny, it helps you choose paint colors bright or light colored. Because the bright colors that will give the impression of clean, airy and spacious. But the thing to remember is, the emphasis for using bright colors are best applied to public spaces that are functionally dperuntukkan for something common, such as living room, family room, and others. Every house needs a touch of intimacy and warmth that is very high, because the place is going to happen social interaction, family relationships are full of intimacy and warmth of its inhabitants.

The so-called public spaces are on a building is usually the spaces with users of space activities that are routine and uncertain. Users also are fixed space (according to the duties and functions), so that the necessary facilities will be standard both size and shape such as schools, hospitals, and the like. Also, for practical and economical.

Imagine if the residence is treated the same as we treat the spaces of a general nature earlier. All walls painted the same color (eg white), all furniture made of metal or plastic for easy cleaning, weather-resistant, heat resistant and not easily damaged. Kok was like being in a hospital huh? Want a practical, economical, effective but not human. because home is where the inhabitants live off all the physical fatigue, thoughts and emotions then of course the things that will affect the fatigue of the above must be removed.

Usually the forms of furniture that is too stiff, hard and monotonous will make the spaces in the residence to be memorable stiff. So you should not be placed in the house (unless it wants to have a house with rooms that reflect the arrogance and keep a distance with his guest). Select only the forms of material made from natural materials (wood, stone, cloth, etc.). Moreover, the chairs in the living room or family room is not necessarily the same shape, can be several forms and materials are selected and placed in the living room, the home still there are elements that make a stay in harmony / harmonious with the overall space.

Back again to the matter of choosing the color, the color white can just choose to give the impression of vast, bright, and clean, but some are more human touch that will make an appearance space seem more intimate and touching. For example, choosing colors for the seat upholstery, decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloths, table covers, lamp armature, carpet or floor coatings, and others.

As for private spaces, you can experiment with colors you like. For example, you can not impose to dye your room or your child in a bright color, not necessarily because they like it. Pick a color they like, but you also must be smart to not use colors that "cool" like the color purple because it will make their willingness to learn to be reduced. Furthermore, in terms of choosing complementary accessories room, choose accessories that you and or your child like but do not jeopardize your safety and they, for example, a simple but attractive motifs, such as flowers, geometric patterns with the pattern of small size. Avoid choosing furniture with sharp corners, etc.

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