Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supplementary Interior Accessories Syncing Between Taste and Budget

Some people often get confused when going to add or buy complementary accessories in the room, usually this happens because of two things: taste and budget. If a room needs accessories must follow the tastes of course required a budget that may be quite large, while if the budget is a benchmark in the selection of interior accessories like hood obtained unsatisfactory

No matter how you prepare a budget that is not an important thing, it is more important is how you spend (wisely) budget you have. Here are some tips that may help you.
 1. The Right Price.

Most people are too based on the accessories with high-priced material. Whatever type of accessories interior is a bit much influenced by the quality of material, but there are things that are actually more important than the type and quality of materials. Forms of innovative accessories, detail, tidiness, I think more precision to determine the appearance of an object (accessories). For example, make a table cloth or cushion cover. To improve performance, you better budget funds to pay the tailor whose work is neat, precise and able to design a table cloth or sheath form a more innovative seat cushion. With its innovative shape, a variety of motives, the stitches are neat and precise akesoris course will make you look elegant and high value. Elegant does not have to be obtained is too expensive is not it?

2. Decorative Art.

Removing the idea or form new accessories, which are not common, an object that looks unique accessories and only you who have them. For example, painting / drawing for wall decoration your room. your room or apartment can also be bembuat furniture, accessories, motifs, and colors, according to what you want.
create a picture or wall decoration works of your own. combine with the frame. To form a frame, you can imagine shapes and sizes to produce a decorative frame to your liking. Of course this is not an easy thing, but it is also not difficult if you want a little effort. With a little will and imagination, you make accessories that will not drain the budget and will look amazing.

3. Do not deify Trend

Interior design does not have an extreme, do not have modern minimalist, do not have a modern contemporary, modern art deco should not, do not be retro, not necessarily deconstructive. It's all just a trend that was created by someone else, and whatever there is definitely a trend that will change over time. Instead you dizzy thinking about and following the trend made-up by the people, why do not you think to create a trend, according to your own decorating ideas, trends and ideas that will accommodate your needs occupancy and room comfortable and homey. By creating his own decoration ideas, you will be more freely creative and budgeted budget in accordance with your ideas. To make your home beautiful room does not always have to be expensive

4. Reycle, Use of Goods and Materials Used.

Sometimes for interior decorating you do not need the all-new material. If there is material that is still suitable to be used why not used? Try changing the materials used as raw material for other forms of new accessories.
In addition you can also use the remaining ingredients available to enhance the appearance of your furniture, if your couch was beginning to look outdated and dull, no need to replace the former baru.use the sofa fabric from curtains or covers that are not used to make a slipcover or table skirt. Next you can use a slipcover to change the appearance of a sofa and a table skirt to cover your table to look different than before. But make sure the color selection, try to adjust color and table skirt slipcover materials harmonious with the color of the other interior elements, such as wall color.

5. Note Factor Dimension and Sizes

One thing that should be considered if you plan to buy furniture or interior akasesoris are the dimensions and size of the furniture. If you wish to have furniture, interior furniture or accessories that look fancy or elegant, do not buy too much furniture. Use the concept of less is more, buy and use appliances with small amounts or taste but are large. Make furniture such as a point of interest or a vocal point in the area of your room layout, so that your room looks comfortable.

6. Collecting Information

A wise buyer must have or gather more information about the goods to be bought. In addition to information about the goods, you may also need information on what items should you buy, and for this you may need advice from an interior decorator. Set aside a little of your budget to pay for advice or suggestions from the interior decorator, at least advice or advice given to you will reduce your risk of "losing" more money due to a mistake buying furniture, or accessories that you do not actually need.

7. Change Color Inside the room walls.

One fairly effective way to change the look of the interior room is to paint or repaint the walls of your room. If you are bored with the color of your wall space for this, you can change the wall color with a new color. You can imagine at the time of color the room, the room did not have a plain color, to create the impression that you can try different color space with a blend of several colors, with the addition of an accent or a particular pattern.

8. Upgrade Old Furniture and Accessories.

Make a list of how many rooms of furniture or accessories you want to buy, then regrouped in the category list wishlist furniture. Try to note the list wishlist, how many of those that actually list wishlist you already have? In any event, someone wants to buy furniture is not as yet have the furniture you want, but maybe they were bored with the furniture that already exists. If the bored that is the reason for you to buy furniture new.Still there a way to overcome that is by doing a re-paint your own. The result of course will feature a different appearance on your old furniture.

Perhaps there are many more things you can do to balancing between budget and your interior decorating tastes, and it will you encounter when you began the process of decorating their own. Use your imagination and creativity fully, and realize creative ideas in a tangible form


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